Why Give to Heifer Foundation

Why Give to Heifer Foundation

Make the enrichment of all the world’s hungry a part of your life story, and enjoy specific benefits in return.

Your generous commitment to Heifer Foundation embraces millions of people living in communities touched and changed by Heifer International. Through the Foundation’s cultivation of a long-term endowment, a steady and predictable stream of annual funding can sustain Heifer’s most urgent projects both in the U.S. and abroad. And the special gifts allowing for this are ones that can benefit you and your family, too.

Hasina Begum, 27, holding two of her family’s goat kids.

Heifer Foundation’s professional investment managers are dedicated to nurturing legacy gifts from generous people to alleviate hunger and poverty while at the same time generating good returns for each donor.

Your gift not only benefits farmers and their communities, but also provides specific advantages for you. For example:

  • Most gifts cost you nothing now.
  • Many gifts pay you income.
  • With most gifts, you are not obligated in any way when you give and you can change your beneficiaries at any time.
  • You can give a gift of any amount – whatever is right for you. With the exception of trusts and annuities, there are no minimum amounts required.

Your support will ensure that together, we can continue to accomplish Heifer’s vision to end hunger, sustain communities, and help families Pass on the Gift of poverty-ending education and empowerment.