The Impact of Your Support

You Can Make a Difference for Communities Facing Hunger and Poverty

Donors and friends of Heifer Foundation fund sustainable resources and solutions for farmers in local communities both in the U.S. and across the globe. Through this unique approach to empowering people in need with long-term solutions to hunger and poverty, Heifer has earned a place among the world’s most innovative and trusted charities. As new needs emerge, Heifer’s response evolves to bring the greatest relief where those needs are most urgent.

Your gift will strengthen and sustain core programs wherein tomorrow’s recipients can benefit by nutrition and income produced by the animals they receive. It also allows future farmers to benefit by agricultural education that will empower them to produce a maximum yield using the most sustainable means of cultivation.

Your Investment

Heifer Foundation’s mission is to raise and oversee financial assets to support the work of Heifer International, but we can’t do it without you. We offer donors a variety of ways to provide for themselves and their loved ones while helping a world in great need.

Your investment in our endowment supporting Heifer International’s critical mission may be created through gifts of cash, property and stock, as well as with funds from bequests, trusts and annuities.

Carefully invested, each charitable contribution can have an impact over time that far exceeds the gift’s initial value.

With a portion of the endowment made available annually to Heifer International, your gift provides generous and lasting resources to improve the lives of people in need for generations to come.

Why Farmers in Small Communities Need You

You can create a legacy of change.

With your investment in Heifer Foundation, you’ll nurture Heifer International’s project management that teach long-term, local solutions that empower small-scale farmers to feed the world and revive their local economies through the impact of locally produced food. How? By empowering food entrepreneurs and building food enterprises that address every link in the food value chain—from farm to table.

Ever faithful to its founding tenets, every Heifer initiative remains centered in creating a sustainable model with utmost care for the Earth, care for the recipient families, and care for creating a pathway to “Pass on the Gift.”

This model, rooted in your generous giving, transforms communities.

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Meet People Like You

Like a farmer who must plant a seed and wait patiently for its eventual yield, you and good friends like you appreciate the increased value of your giving over time.

Seeing beyond today, generous donors are coming together to cultivate resources and capacity for tomorrow. With an ever-appreciating value from the gift you sow today, even greater strides can be made in Heifer’s mission to end hunger and poverty.

A growing number of donors are planting seeds of hope to benefit tomorrow’s hungriest families. Who are they, and why are they doing what they do?

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Shared Vision

Knowing of the need to build a strong endowment for Heifer International, Heifer Foundation is bringing together like-minded givers looking to make a lifelong difference for individuals and communities in need.