Gifts that Make a Lasting Impact

You Have the Power to Change Everything.

Because of good friends like you, in its first quarter century, Heifer Foundation’s endowment grew. Its principle continues to mature – through charitable gifts including cash, property and stock, as well as funds from bequests, trusts and annuities.

When a gift earmarked for endowment is invested, attributed earnings can be disbursed in annual support for Heifer for many years into the future. So your initial donation, invested prudently over time, can have a more lasting impact than an outright gift used for immediate needs.

Types of Endowments to Choose From:

Seagoing Cowboys Endowment
Heifer’s “seagoing cowboys” were a vital part of Heifer International’s beginning. These knowledgeable, dedicated ranch hands were volunteered aboard ships caring for livestock on their voyage from the U.S. to destinations around the world. Making a gift of any amount to this endowment celebrates Heifer’s unique history and pioneering program that for generations have empowered families in need. Funds from Heifer Foundation Seagoing Cowboys Endowment will be utilized by Heifer International to support their mission to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth.

Give to the Seagoing Cowboys Endowment

General Endowment
Not directed to a particular initiative or program, funds from the General Endowment are made available to Heifer International for use where they are needed most to create life-changing transformations in places all across the globe.

Give to the General Endowment

Program Endowment

Funds directed to the Program Endowment are used solely for program-related expenditures in Heifer’s projects across all areas of the world where Heifer works and not for overhead or expenses.

Give to the Program Endowment

Named Memorial Endowment

With an initial gift of $100,000 or more, you may establish a Heifer Foundation endowment named in honor or memory of your loved one. Many families, businesses and institutions establish a named endowment to honor traditions, recognize achievements, or show appreciation for friends, relatives, colleagues or community leaders. A memorial endowment fund is a wonderful way to create an ongoing legacy, and is a perpetual reminder of the values of the people it honors.

Remember … If you prefer to make a gift to be used immediately for the Heifer mission, make your donation directly to Heifer International at www.heifer.org.