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Velma and Rich Perry


Velma and Rich still fondly recall when their daughter took a church youth group trip to Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas. It was an event that continues to impact their lives today.

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“On a cross-country vacation years later, we decided to take all three of our children to visit the Ranch first-hand,” Velma remembers. During that visit, she and Rich were so impressed by Heifer’s animal husbandry and training, they decided to set up a charitable remainder trust through Heifer Foundation.

The Perrys were grateful for the significant time and attention the Heifer staff offered them in navigating the steps of establishing their estate plan. Rich adds that, “We appreciate the fact that Heifer even administers the other charities our estate will support. That’s a weight lifted off of us and our family as well … I cannot say enough about how they’ve worked with us and treated us with such kindness and help at every corner.”

The Perrys cherish their wonderful memories of visiting Heifer Ranch, and encourage other friends to consider assisting with the Foundation’s mission to end poverty and hunger.

Barb Oaks

Barb Oakes

Barb was looking for something meaningful to do after retirement. When she received one of Heifer’s famous gift catalogs in the mail, she knew this was an organization she wanted to get involved with in a meaningful and long-lasting way.

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From the very first hours she devoted as a volunteer in 2002, Barb has seen Heifer’s amazing work all over the world. “I’ve seen our projects in action in quite a few countries. I decided to become a donor and set up an endowment through the Foundation.” Most impacted by Heifer’s practice of Passing on the Gift®, she established the Barbara Oakes Endowment to ensure that even more families will continue to improve their lives for decades to come. “What we give may not seem like a whole lot of money to us, but it’s so much more to even the first person who receives, and then that person is going to give and it goes on and on.”

Barb attended a Seagoing Cowboys celebration in Medford, Indiana, during Heifer’s 70th anniversary in 2014. She hopes her love for Heifer and her example might inspire another friend to step forward to help.

Mark and Hazel Nestleroth

Part of the Southeast PA Group


Mark and Hazel were both born in 1944, the same year Heifer was born!

Growing up on their family farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the couple inherited an ethic to work hard, persevere, and help out folks in need.

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The couple decided to make a legacy gift to Heifer Foundation “because we’ve faced some difficult times over the years that helped us to understand the needs of all God’s children. We are blessed to have the resources to give back to an organization that assists others in helping themselves.”

Mark and Hazel have raised five daughters and have eight grandchildren.

Asked what they hoped others might say about them in the future, they replied: “They were compassionate and cared for others.”

They encourage others who are concerned about ending hunger and poverty to consider the merits of Heifer Foundation when making the importance choice of which charities to support today, and tomorrow.


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