I moved to CT and on the front first page of the second section of the local paper was an article by Sharon Blair about her volunteering for Heifer; that was in the early 1980’s. I went up to Overlook Farm with her and was immediately pulled into the incredible work that was being done!!! I went on a trip to Honduras where we did some work. I was happy to go to schools and churches to talk about Heifer and all they were doing for so many all over the world. I then became involved in the school community service program and arranged for seniors after they had completed their course work to go up to Overlook for a week of volunteering there. I have picture of a girl who had never made her own bed shoveling one of the stalls for manure!!!! My favorite of all!!!
Later I was able to be part of the goat kidding for several years and once for the lambing week. Just such a beautiful experience capped by a snowstorm and going out into the night to check on the status of the mothers waiting to give birth. Not a sound anywhere and the most beautiful sky. Made some great friends that we were able to keep for several years.
One year I went on a trip to Nepal and the coordinator at Overlook arranged for the head of the Heifer office in Kathmandu to take me up to a village where the rabbits had been already passed on and to meet the wonderful women who had become a real team. How lucky was I on that trip!!!!
Took some friends up to the farm from time to time, encouraged my godchild and her daughter to go for a volunteer weekend, and continued to volunteer most places that I could find a time.
I really miss the farm and wish I could get to Arkansas at some point…Had some great times with some of the MASS staff for sure…I try to stay involved as mush as I can and we do Alternative Giving at my church on several occasions. Heifer is always the one with the most donations.