In 2008, my wife, Judy Parsons, and I joined a Heifer tour group in Guatemala. It was a great group and we had amazing, heart touching experiences. We had the good fortune to experience several “passing on the gift” events; as others have said, “It’s hard to tell who is the happiest, the family receiving the life transforming gift….or the family who is empowered to offer it.” In one village they were passing on rabbits. The parents and children were all smiles as they offered the two does and one buck. Then they also provided a container of grass they had dug up for transplanting…grass the rabbits especially liked, and another container of small red worms that would work in the rabbit manure to change it into a valued fertilizer for growing flowers to take to the local market. Such amazing generosity!! It is one of my favorite Heifer memories from over 40 years of volunteering.